Quantum Physics Made me Do It | Jeremie Harris

Quantum Physics Made me Do It | Jeremie Harris

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Are human beings immortal?  Are apples conscious?  Do our legal systems make assumptions about free will that are just plain wrong?  Of all the terrific books on quantum physics—from Stephen Hawking to Brian Greene—the questions they never seem to satisfy are the implications of the science.  We know that quantum physics is real—our phones and computers wouldn’t work if the science wasn’t right.  But what does it all mean? 

Does it mean that we live in one among a near-infinity of parallel universes?  Or that everything that happens in the universe is pre-ordained—right down to what we think and how we act?  Or does the science point in a stranger direction—towards the idea that the entire universe is one big mind?  If one of these is true, what would it mean for our place in the universe, our immortal souls, and the future of humanity itself? 

The most basic encounter with quantum physics leads us to a dizzying array of incredible implications, each one more capable than the last of blowing our minds—all of which can be engaged without advanced math or deep knowledge of theory. 

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