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AeroPress Go

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The AeroPress is an exceptionally forgiving and consistent way of making great coffee and is particularly useful for travelling and/or workplace java breaks. It is effectively a big BPA-free plastic syringe with a filter at the end instead of a needle and it makes around 250ml (8oz) of coffee per serving. You can also make a stronger coffee solution and dilute if you so desire but, whichever way you choose, it takes less than a couple of minutes to make a delicious cup of coffee and is really easy to clean. The AeroPress comes bundled with everything that you need to get started: 

350 filters 
Filter holder 
Coffee funnel (We also use it as a stand) 
BPA Free, BPS Free, Phthalate Free 
Made from Polypropylene and medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer (styrene-ethylene-butadiene-styrene) 
1 year manufacturer warranty on material and workmanship defects 


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