Monthly Feature: Subtext

Monthly Feature: Subtext

Subtext is the very first of our guest roasters here at Metropolis Mercantile. We are excited to launch our monthly feature with an exceptional group of coffee roasters from Toronto, ON. Their goal is to honour the tradition of coffee while pushing the boundaries through innovation. As they put it, "We work in coffee, but really we work for coffee". 

Subtext separates itself from other roasters by honouring the producers from around the world. They work closely with the farmers to create the most exceptional cup of coffee possible. Every step of the coffee making process is meticulously executed at Subtext.  

At Metropolis we found great success with their Luis Alberto, a natural maracaturra, named after the award winning farmer from the Neuva Segovia region of northern Nicaragua.

If you're intrigued be sure to look out for our next blog aimed at guiding you through our own espresso recipe with the Luis Alberto! 

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